My NEW Clothes Store and Coffee Bar Raglan

Photo 18-08-2014 16 27 11

7th September 2014, Raglan, 56-58 Drury Street, Dublin 2

2 weeks ago I set up a new Clothes Store and Coffee Bar in Dublin 2. Here is a little information about it….. You can check out our website​​

Raglan is an independent, urban and lifestyle retailer opening in Dublin 2, mid August 2014.

 Located at on 56-58 Drury Street, Raglan is run by business partners Ross Staunton and Amy Hamilton.

The store combines great coffee and fresh urban, edgy street, skate and lifestyle brands from around the world for both men and women.

Coffee bar

Raglan benefits from the combining strengths of both Ross Staunton, of well-known café Foodgame’s knowledge and experience and Amy Hamilton’s fashion and retail passion.


The shop name has been inspired by a small coastal town located 48 km west of Hamilton, New Zealand where Amy visited her sister Katie. Raglan has a loving relationship with coffee and relaxed healthy lifestyle.


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